Dispatch 1

Dispatch 1:

I’d like to start with speaking about the things I witnessed internally while a Police Officer. The targeting, the internal bias, racism, stereotyping, and the injustices. I’ll be making multiple posts and essays about what I’ve seen and my outtakes on other systematic injustices as well. Working for my agency you’re taught from the beginning that you need to keep an eye out for black people in places they shouldn’t be based off of a standard of wealth. If they don’t look like they have money or fit in with the “regular” people according to dress standards, and slang, then they don’t belong, and they’re suspicious. Go initiate contact, identify them, see if you can identify any possible drugs on them, tools that could be used for crime, or weapons. Go out of your way to do so. Make sure you continually question them as to why they’re there, even if it’s broad daylight, evening, or night and they’re legally allowed to be there. Instigate their emotions to get them hyped up so you can make them get aggressive if possible. if the place is on the trespass program with the Police Department, trespass them from there, or ask a worker at the location if they’ll issue the trespass on behalf of the business(which they will more than likely do because you’re a cop and you must have a legal reason to do so).

Here's where that key factor of instigating emotion comes into play. You the cop, just harassed a person technically. But just because they looked suspicious(mainly because they’re black, even though in your report you’ll just state I observed them acting oddly, sweating(because of your interactions), pacing back and forth(out of nervousness because of a cop being there interrogating them)) and that’s all you have to state in the police report to justify your harassment.

Now the person is upset, agitated, and doesn’t know why they’re being trespassed when they’ve done nothing unlawful. They’re a regular citizen out enjoying life. But now you tell them to leave because you trespassed them, but the moment they speak out or don’t leave immediately upon your telling them, they’re disobeying you and you arrest them for trespass after warning.

This is what happens on a daily basis. This is one of many ways I will be speaking about that Law Enforcement across America, and their ways to target and harass minorities in an attempt to make an arrest. They do this because it’s engrained in them, they’re taught to judge and stereotype from the beginning, whether they realize it or not and it becomes normal. I know because I saw this every shift. This needs to end.


  1. Thank you for sharing and supporting the movement... I wish you well in your future endeavors.

  2. I am looking forward to reading more of your experience in the force. I am glad that you've removed yourself from the system and you're speaking out on it.

  3. This was great to read and hear from a first hand account. Thank you for sharing. Knowing the tactics helps people to protect themselves. Go you!!!

  4. Thank you for sharing this. Please keep sharing. Stay safe.

  5. I call BS. You were never a cop.

  6. Thank you for sharing your experience from within. Be safe.

    I'll be joining you on this journey to increase my awareness.

  7. Hi there! I am a journalist with The Marshall Project, and I am looking to speak with cops who've quit over the protests. Are you interested? It can be anonymous. Drop me a line: nlewis@themarshallproject.org

  8. Thank you for being so brave and coming forward. Im sure youre risking so much to do this. Thank you for opening our eyes to im sure things wed never imagine. I hope it truly makes a difference.

  9. This is both fascinating and disturbing. Thank you for putting this information out there. It's so important for us white people to understand the reality of the what POC have to deal with/put up with while just EXISTING. I look forward to more of your posts. Stay safe. Thank you, again, this information is very important.


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